Using Dragon Software for Digital Transcription and Other Purposes

Do you recall when you first were learning to drive?

There was so much to be aware of and remember – you hardly had time to think about your destination, or how to get there. Now of course, driving’s a breeze.

It is the same when you start using Dragon for digital transcription – there are loads of words you need to know to produce your document, or control your computer by voice.

Not knowing what to say is really frustrating. And very demotivating.

Brings together all the words you initially need – start driving Dragon quickly.

Places words into logical groups – really reduces time spent tracking down a relevant command.

Inserts word groups into a carefully designed structure – gives you confidence to use Dragon ‘for real’ as you practice your skills.

Features a graphic for each group – easily locate what you are looking for.

Minimises disruption to your creative thinking – see what to say at a glance.

The carefully selected graphics build a visual impression of the words – enhances long-term memory. Next time you need it – your brain brings up the image – you know what to say.

Is relevant for all Dragon users – no matter what you ultimately want to use Dragon for apart from digital transcription – EMR, hands-free use, report writing – you first need to know the basics of using it.

Uses the same images as your Poster – provides immediate familiarity and easy cross-referencing

Lists many other related commands – allows you to build your knowledge of what to say

Contains useful tips and tricks – discover time-saving workarounds.

Unlocks the secrets of the Command Browser – find any of the 1,000s of commands in Dragon.

You can reap all the great benefits of our Poster and the Kindle e-book for the next 30 days without having to risk a single penny.

We totally mean business when it comes to ensuring you know how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s speech recognition software effectively.

You will be astounded how quickly you can work effectively on digital transcription with Dragon just practising 10 minutes or so a day using our support. If the results you get after 30 days fail to delight you, then we insist you pay absolutely nothing. As such, I think you’ll agree, nothing could be fairer than that.Just ask yourself this:Surely it is worth a few minutes of regular practice with this support to do such a HUGE favour for myself and the way I work? Why sit helplessly staring at your computer screen, wondering what to say, getting more and more frustrated when you can decide to stop this incapacitating state of affairs right now, and unleash a more productive and creative frame of mind?Just imagine how good it feels when:

You can produce exactly the document you want with less effort…

You don’t have to stay hunched over your computer, but can sit back, relaxed while you dictate…

You can be more productive in less time…

You can quickly and easily turn all sorts of sources – certificates, handwritten documents etc – into digital text…

Your friends and colleagues are amazed at how skilled you are with Dragon.

I think you’ll agree… the choice seems pretty clear. Just remember this:It’s never too late to make a great start with Dragon – whether this is your first time round or you’ve tried it before – because…Knowing what to say will help improve the way you say it – and there’s nothing Dragon loves more than clearly spoken words.

So, if you need to work with computers for whatever reason, don’t you owe it to yourself to make that time as productive and painless as possible?

Do yourself a great favour, and make our Poster and eBook an essential part of your life as you learn to embrace Dragon speech recognition software.